Observing the child

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Observing the child

Hana (1.5) jumped excitedly over and over again while showing to educator how high she could jump.  She laughs every time she jumped.  Then educator says “oh my God! that was  so high! ” Hana wiggled and clapped her hands then jumped again and again.  After awhile, Hana gets tired and came over to her  Mum and sat down on her mum’s lap and smiled to the educator.

Learning outcomes:

3:  WELLBEING  – Children have a strong sense of wellbeing.

4:  LEARNING – children are confident and involved learners. 

Interaction with children

Educator, helped the children to read  the  story about “Princess”.  Children listened to the story seriously and asked questions to educator, Why the Princess ran back to her room? Is she going to change her dress? ” Educator explained why the Princess got back to the room then she continued reading the story.  The children commented and began to show their each doll if they can dress up their dolls too, “yes you can! that’s a very good idea too”, educator said.  Then they nodded their heads and smiled each other.

Through this experienced it is evident that children feels safe, secure  and supported.   Children responds to a feeling of belonging, maintains interactions and established respect, trusting relationships with educator and peers.